Top High Schools Offering SEO Internet Marketing Class.

There actually not that many high schools that offer SEO and Internet Marketing as a class as this is such a new field.  Also this class is a pre-professional class meaning that if you were to take this class at least for one year, you would be able to go out and get a job. Most schools do not teach […]

Private Boarding School Offers SEO Class

Canyonville Christian Academy is one of the few Private High Schools that offers Internet marketing as a pre-proffessional class.   Internet Marketing/SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Students are introduced to the ever-changing field of Internet Marketing.  This pre-professional class covers:  Beginning Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Optimization-what is Social Media and how can it help businesses; […]

Five Facts of Boarding School Life

By offering quality courses, a good student/teacher ratio, and plenty of personal interaction, boarding schools equipe their students for success.   The following five facts courtesy of TABS explain this in greater detail. Promise of Better Academics –  60% of students enroll in boarding schools because of the promise of better education. Over 90% of students admit they find […]

Important Facts About Private Boarding Schools

Private Boarding Schools are a type of schools that do not depend upon government funds in order to run. Private boarding schools are run by private trusts and funds. Private Boarding Schools have their own educational program, regulations and admission processes. Private boarding schools have always been popular with the rich and the choise. And […]